About Singapore

Despite the fact that Singapore is little in size, the nation has a blasting and very steady economy. Singapore gets a ton of outside speculation since it has a gifted workforce, defilement free society, low duty rates and well-created foundation. The unemployment rate of the nation is very low. Students pick Singapore as their study destination goal since it has interminable profession openings. Aside from the worldwide business speculations, many rumored global colleges have put resources into Singapore. Singapore has incredibly astonishing ocean climate. In contrast to the next Southeast Asian nations, you will get unforeseen showers in Singapore whenever. With loads of daylight and irregular showers consistently, the climate in Singapore is very steady. Likewise, practically every one of the shopping centers, cafes and shops in Singapore are air-conditioned and you won’t feel hot even in the summer.

In spite of the fact, that Singapore is an exceptionally small nation yet it has a very steady economy. Also, unemployment rate in Singapore is extremely low which attract the International Students in a huge amount. Singapore is one that has the best Universities situated in the best 15 International Universities. The Colleges/Universities in Singapore are perceived particularly for their innovation and building courses, and furthermore those in common sciences. This country is considered to be one of the primary instructive nations in Asia. Students need to clear an entrance exam to enter in Singapore for the study reason. Singapore receives wide variety of foreign investment because it has a skilled workforce, corruption-free society, low tax rates and well-developed infrastructure. The unemployment rate of the country is quite low. Most of the students pick this country as their study abroad destination because it has endless career opportunities.

Why pick Singapore as your Study Destination?

Weather –

This country has amazing sea weather. All the other Southeast Asian countries, you can easily get an opportunity to experience unexpected showers in Singapore at any time. Singapore is full of lots of sunshine and random showers a whole year, the weather present in Singapore is quite consistent.

Education system – 

The obscure improvement and internationalization of training in the nation Singapore has the third position in the QS Best Student City Rankings 2013. Singapore training framework receives the western belief systems just as approachs to advance free learning among the international students.

Improves English –

This country has four national languages and the language English is one among them. Hence, English is not a problem here. It offers you a medium to get comfortable in Singapore. Students from different nations can quickly adjust here because 75% of the country’s population can speak English. Most importantly, the official language of the education system in Singapore is English.

Cost of living –

Education structure of this country is less costly when we compare it to countries like the US and the UK. The normal cost of living in Singapore is also very much lower than other countries like Australia, Canada, the US and the UK.

How you can enter in Singapore?

  1. A specific type of passport that has a validity of 6 months from the date of travel.
  2. A completed and duly-signed application Form (available at the Singapore Government website).
  3. A cover letter that states the visit purpose along with the total days an applicant intends to stay in Singapore.
  4. A proper copy confirmed return flight tickets.
  5. A proper copy of the hotel accommodation in Singapore.
  6. A proper copy of the applicant’s itinerary (optional).
  7. A proper copy of the bank statements for the last 6 months. This serves as a proof that an applicant is maintaining a healthy and an adequate balance.
  8. Two recently taken colored passport-sized photos on a white background, each of matte finish and of the size 35 × 45 mm (width × height).

All visitors to Singapore must meet the following entry requirements:

  1. Valid travel document (minimum validity of 6 months at the time of departure)
  2. Confirmed onward or return tickets
  3. Entry facilities, including visas, to the next destination;
  4. Sufficient funds to maintain themselves during their stay in Singapore; and,
  5. Visa for entry into Singapore

Universities in Singapore

  1. Anglo Chinese International School
  2. Amity Global Business School
  3. At – SunriceGlobalChef Academy
  4. Curtin Singapore
  5. Dimensions International College
  6. ERC Institute Pte. Ltd
  7. FTMS Global Academy
  8. Technical University of Munich (Asia)
  9. Informatics Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  10. JCU Singapore Pte Ltd
  11. Kaplan Higher Education Academy
  12. LASALLE College of the Arts
  13. London School of Business and Finance
  14. Marketing Institute of Singapore
  15. Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)

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