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Godwit Overseas Education is one of the leading immigration consultant companies among all. We offer high quality of services. We are wholly solely devoted to budding students who want to build up their careers on an international platform.  We give master visa direction with an unbelievable achievement rate of visa endorsement.

We stand out amongst the most trusted and most seen relocation immigration consultancy for countries like Canada, Australia, USA, New Zealand, and Singapore. We offer full, opportunity, and powerful migration answers for our customers. We have fiery, experienced, and capable gathering, locked in with genuineness and proficient group, buckled down with honesty and straight forwardness to satisfy the fantasies of our clients. 

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Interview Prepration

We aim to prepare you with the best set of question to showcase impressive impact of the mind of invigilator.

Application Process

It’s our duty to take care of the whole application process with full accuracy in documentation.

Eligibility Assessment

We aim to satisfy all the eligibility criteria which are made by the government of a specific country.

Work Opportunities

We are highly devoted to offer best work opportunities to the entire race of students who aim to work part-time.

Client Assistance

It’s our duty to assist clients in such a way that they can fulfil their requirement on certain level with happiness.

Professional Team

We are the team of extraordinary talented experts who knows their work of handling the queries of clients.

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    The 6 basic steps for applying abroad are:

    1) Identifying country, universities and the course of your interest.

    2) Request universities for Application forms.

    3) Taking various required tests.

    4) Arranging and preparing Essays and recommendation letters , Completing and Sending Application forms along with required documents.

    Many people fake themselves as consulting agents for Canadian immigration and take huge amounts of money from candidates telling them lies about converting their travel visas to work permits. Canada has never allowed this in the past now will ever allow this in the future.

    For an aspiring candidate, it is very cumbersome to read the work visa details on the Canadian Immigration website or visit the Canadian embassy to get answers to their queries.

    Most schools want international students so your best chance of getting a scholarship is through the school that you are applying to. Many schools have scholarships that can help you reduce the tuition fee if you can uphold certain grades, for example Seattle Central College and a 10% guaranteed scholarship for study abroad semesters at high ranking University of California Santa Barbara. At the Swiss hospitality school BHMS we can offer you a scholarship of 1000-2000 CHF. We also have a partner who can help you with the application and scholarships to Australian universities. To get a full scholarship you might need to fit one of the categories I mentioned above but there are exceptions. Read more on the school’s website and don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. That way they might already know who you are when you apply.

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