About France

French Education is one of the finest education systems in the entire world. We can easily consider that there are more than 3500 public and private institutes of Higher Education in France. The education system of France includes 2.5 million students and out of it, 12% are from abroad. There are different types of courses available for International Students whether they speak French or not. It is very compulsory for all type of children resident in France to attend school between the ages of six and 16, with French education being divided into primary level, elementary or middle school and high school. To read about how the French education system is formed and what to expect at each stage, then the guide to the school system in the whole of France. You can easily pick whether to go to a French state school, a state-contracted private school or a fully independent school in the whole of France, which includes most international and foreign schools. It is also legal to home school in France under the guidance of the school’s inspectorate.

Universities in France, trainers and researchers offer two types of classes to the learners which are lectures and practical work. There are two main methods by which a wide variety of students are tested which are ongoing assessments and exams twice a year, at the end of the entire semester. The most striking feature of French higher education, compared with other nations is quite a small size of the classrooms. Acquiring an education in the whole of France gives you the option to learn language skills and gain a cultural perspective. French Colleges and Universities have an old tradition of offering excellent academic outputs. International Students continue getting a charge out of inventive showing methods that are contemporary and logical. For International Students Colleges and Universities offer French language classes during the vacations. The experience that you will pick up in this nation, will give your educational plan vitae an aggressive edge. Studying in another nation can increase the value of your scholastic qualifications and can give you better work openings in the future.

Following are some of the benefits of studying in this beautiful country:-

  1. The nation brings various cultures together and thus provides a multicultural environment to the students.
  2. France offers a great variety of social life.
  3. The Colleges and Universities in France are well reputed and highly appreciated worldwide.
  4. French Education System is not under any central body and is considered to be one of the best Education Systems in the world.
  5. French Colleges and Universities are offering more courses in English, therefore students can study at their favorite institute.
  6. French is the 3rd most spoken language worldwide and International Students get exposure to learning French. When a student is familiar with English then learning French will not be a difficult task.
  7. According to the barometer campus French report 2013, 9 out of 10 International Students recommend France as a study destination.
  8. Students experience living and studying in one of the most culturally rich countries in the world.
  9. Young talent is appreciated in innovation and entrepreneurship sectors.
  10. Students prefer French Colleges and Universities because of the effortless availability of scholarship programs. In various institutes, scholarship and fellowship programs are granted to international students.

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